Calling All Rainbows, Indigos, Crystals, Truth Seekers, Children of the Golden Age: a Sunburst Invitation


Way back when… we started from unrequited yearning that flowed wordlessly in the undercurrents of our heart’s breath longing for unspoken union, for love we knew was infinite and would be eternal once found, searching in despair for Truth so deeply hidden that we no longer knew its name…

Remember that soul-searing beginning?

Now, believe it or not, this lost key to true peace has been found! The Pathfinder was born in 1990. Raised in rural farming Nepal, He started searching as a child, single-mindedly seeking the sure Path to eternal bliss not for himself alone, but for all beings in the universe. At age 15 he stole away from home. Walking deep into the wild jungles of Halkhoriya, He plunged into extreme austerities sitting first inside a large banyan tree and, for the next six years, staying locked in meditation without motion, without food, without drink and without sleep, undaunted by extreme weather, wild fauna, or even the many human attempts to break His quest. The-buddha-boy-mkBy the time He completed this legendary tapasya at age twenty-one (2011), He had found the lost treasure of our deepest longing! Maitreyan Dharma: original essential oneness, liberation leading straight to Heaven!

Completely absorbing all divine wisdom, He has returned as the Omniscient One, the Maha Sambodhi Guru Dharma Sangha, the Divine Interface that closed the gap between gods and humans, between heaven and earth. Glowing in the light of peace, radiating loving compassion equally onto all, He has launched the Golden Age. He will remain in human form to guide us to freedom and bliss as we learn to retrieve our primordial state of being in Maitribhav. IvyGuruStarSpray

Not here to build marble temples, golden shrines or multi-national corporations, the “Green” Guru remains in pristine uncompromised Nature to bestow the true bonding dharma that had sparked Creation itself and that is so desperately needed now to hold the universe together as it was in the beginning.

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Guru will be giving personal blessings non-stop at His last public MaitriPuja in Nepal next Spring, 21 March – 2 April. To this historic event all Rainbows, Indigos, Crystals, Truth-seekers and all children of the Golden Age are joyfully invited to report for duty to join in maitrifying the whole world even as we merge into one another in Divine Maitribhav.

Check it out for yourself at

Welcome one and all! See you in March!

7 thoughts on “Calling All Rainbows, Indigos, Crystals, Truth Seekers, Children of the Golden Age: a Sunburst Invitation

  1. I hope i can see the global webcast on the importat day of guru .i am chinese ,i hope we (chinese) may to see guru ourselves.just for we chinese.thanks.

    • To: YUJIN> There may not be any global webcast. It will be a person-to-person experience.
      You should come to this magnificent event so close to China.
      There won’t be another Puja for yeas to come,and that will take place far far away on another continent.
      Check all the info on
      which has a Chinese page, and on the US site
      Maitri Mangalam _()_

  2. The moment I saw this, tears started rolling down my face, like the moment when I read about you yesterday. I am not sure why. I have missed the event.

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