Holistic Spiritual Ecology Launched In Nepal

Over the millennia and ages past many human traditions and policies have institutionalised violence and brutality. From cruelty toward animals, mass-slaughter of humans, to destructive pillaging of the planet, human ignorance and greed have created dogmata and laws that are bringing the world to the brink of self-destruction. In this eleventh hour, Nepal is generating a new way of life in a quiet grassroots reform. The new messengers of peace called Maatma Marga Gurus, are directing this groundswell as part of the 21st Century Maitreyan phenomenon.

For more than five weeks continuously at the mountainous Maitri Dharma Centre in Todhkebari, Badegaun in the Spring of 2016, an intense synergy of solemnity mixed with celebration affected everyone there as over a hundred Maatma Marga Gurus gathered from many regions of Nepal for their initial studies and preparation under the Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru (the Boy With Divine Powers, subject of the 2006 BBC Documentary that had brought the world to Halkhoria.)

Fomerly local lamas, many of the new Maatma Marga Gurus had been those originally in careful attendance as the then-young meditating Guru sat in the Pipal tree for his historic meditation, surviving alone in the jungle without food, water, movement or sleep for six years uninterrupted, taking on the suffering of all mankind for their liberation. From those early days to this, these devotees had been yearning for Guru’s direct teaching in order to be well qualified to serve mankind. Now wearing robes of Maitri blue brightened with Maatma Marga stripes, this their greatest life wish is being fulfilled, and far beyond their original imaginings.

The term Maatma (Maa+aatma) means Earth’s Soul, and by extension it may be perceived as Light of the Earth; Marga means path, and theirs is the first spiritual practice of its kind in the world. Following the Earth-Light Path, the newly trained and initiated gurus will disseminate loving compassion of Maitri-bhav or the Maitreyan way of being throughout their life. They shall have the ability to be gurus to all people. Having renounced former allegiances to all Old Paths and practices, they now live in Maitri universal compassion and equality, never to cause the slightest harm, to love all living beings equally without bias or separation based on cast, gender, nationality, position, ability or the like. They will teach people to serve the planet, retrieving the binding love of primordial oneness that had once existed before differentiation caused schisms. The aim is for people to gain greater ecological awareness, to experience their unique role on Earth, become familiar with the Earth’s many natural resources, especially the herbs to potent and so abundant in the wildernesses here, to coexist with all other beings living on it and in it in symbiotic harmony.

Maatma Marga Gurus are the first messengers to spread Maitri Dharma in Nepal and, eventually, throughout the countless other countries in the world from many of which truth-seekers have already begun to congregate here. Including both householders and single persons (men and women are equally welcome), the new gurus will serve in towns and villages to perform different functions, abiding strictly by Maitri guidelines: they will not demand exorbitant fees, they will teach people not to eat or sacrifice any living being from the sky, land or waters; nor will they be cutting down trees in acquisitive greed, but cull selectively and sparingly only as needed. They will launch reforestation wherever and whenever possible, planting trees in all devastated areas of this ancient land so wounded by the recent earthquakes. In rituals and ceremonies the new gurus will abolish wrong, wasteful or harmful beliefs and practices accumulated over past millennia, whether in mourning or in celebration. The aim of their ministry is for this planet, beginning with Nepal, to regain her health and wholeness, and for humans to reactivate their symbiotic oneness with the world.

For instance, the traditional forty-nine-day mourning period following a funeral will now continue for seventy-five days punctuated by praying sessions between five AM and five PM on certain days. Throughout these months the family will conscientiously work for the purity of their Maitri-bhav, the Maitreyan ways of being. There will be no consumption of alcohol or tobacco, meat, fish or seafood, nor performances of harmful drum-dancing or soul-snatching. Instead, energies will be drawn upwards to steep in Maitri compassion for the pure and peaceful passage of the departing soul. Family members pray for its total liberation from any further rebirths and to enter the realm of eternal bliss. At the same time they pray for the liberation of all other living beings in the whole universe. To help a beloved soul in its Journey of ascension, family members themselves must attain the greatest purity possible, as any tears or intention of holding on to the beloved will only obstruct their passage to heaven, in fact any defilement will impede the soul’s journey in harmful ways. Family accordingly will live in watchful purity and compassion, growing ever more in Maitri-bhav.

On the day of their departure from Guru’s Dharma Centre they came first of all, more than a hundred strong, to the city of Kathmandu where well wishers lined the streets happily shouting Maitri Mangalam and offering kathas, water, refreshments in happy welcome. Throughout Nepal towns and villages have opened doors and hearts to receive their Maatma Marga gurus, proudly celebrating with feasts reflective of the new order. Among the new gurus are former Sangha Presidents like Suk Bahadur Tamang of Chitwan District who just handed over his gavel to new incoming President, Mansubbha Tamang. In many ways fundamental change is underway as families and friends undergo shifts in lifestyle starting from simple daily practices. Gone are traditional ingredients of garlic, onions, chives and turmeric along with all flesh of hot and cold-blooded animals, milk, or honey. In clothing, silk will be renounced to protect the silkworms in their cocoons. Gone are tears of wailing or crying, genuine or commercially performed, as crying would affect the departing soul in a harmful, negative way, blocking if not preventing altogether its progress in ascension. Mourners learn instead to nurture the purity of heart needed to bless the departing soul with unconditional love, to send it onto higher realms in calm, in peace and joy. Now people will gently accept death with gratitude, as physical death is indeed Gateway to the soul’s release from suffering in this mortal body. Deep calm is gained and spread from better understanding of the soul’s eternal journey. Family members will replace the sadness and wailing with peaceful parting, stressing love and purity to create a beautiful warm sendoff for the beloved departing.

Death is now understood as the important beginning of the soul’s journey to eternal liberation and bliss, and our lifetime on Earth (in human form or that of any living being, be it elephant or flea) but a tiny blip on the eternal life of the soul. Many Maatma Marga gurus remember their first Maitreyan funeral some years back, and the profound calm that had surrounded the Dharma Sangha Guru as he conducted the rites, lit the flames of the pyre and blessed the departing soul now headed toward Mukti and Moksha (final liberation from cycles of rebirths, ignorance and suffering). Everyone present had felt drawn inwards, flooded in an ocean of peace and benevolence as a giant gentle light of blessing descended from the skies, warming the hearts of all those witnessing the uplift as the loved one moved from death into eternal life.

Marriages become Maitri Unions where couples are joined not only legally and socially, but spiritually, as they become one single love energy surpassing the sum total of the two parties combined. Their paths will be unified, empowered as they gain responsibility one for the other, and their lives in Maitri will blaze like a beacon in the community. From birth through death, many Nepali families will experience a leap in ecological and spiritual growth.

Joan Stanley-Baker

Maatma Marga Gurus Welcomed in Kathmandu

More than hundred new Maatma Marga Gurus arrived in Kathmandhu after completing their five-week intensive training under Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru at the Maitri Dharma Centre in Badegaun, Sindupalchowk last spring. The streets in Kathmandu were lined with well-wishers cheering their achievement. Offering khatas, water and biscuits, families, friends and devotees were on hand to express their shining joy now that Maitribhav has been launched in these embodied gurus who will uplift and transform towns and villages throughout Nepal, practicing and teaching compassionate love and Maitri Peace.

Calling All Rainbows, Indigos, Crystals, Truth Seekers, Children of the Golden Age: a Sunburst Invitation


Way back when… we started from unrequited yearning that flowed wordlessly in the undercurrents of our heart’s breath longing for unspoken union, for love we knew was infinite and would be eternal once found, searching in despair for Truth so deeply hidden that we no longer knew its name…

Remember that soul-searing beginning?

Now, believe it or not, this lost key to true peace has been found! The Pathfinder was born in 1990. Raised in rural farming Nepal, He started searching as a child, single-mindedly seeking the sure Path to eternal bliss not for himself alone, but for all beings in the universe. At age 15 he stole away from home. Walking deep into the wild jungles of Halkhoriya, He plunged into extreme austerities sitting first inside a large banyan tree and, for the next six years, staying locked in meditation without motion, without food, without drink and without sleep, undaunted by extreme weather, wild fauna, or even the many human attempts to break His quest. The-buddha-boy-mkBy the time He completed this legendary tapasya at age twenty-one (2011), He had found the lost treasure of our deepest longing! Maitreyan Dharma: original essential oneness, liberation leading straight to Heaven!

Completely absorbing all divine wisdom, He has returned as the Omniscient One, the Maha Sambodhi Guru Dharma Sangha, the Divine Interface that closed the gap between gods and humans, between heaven and earth. Glowing in the light of peace, radiating loving compassion equally onto all, He has launched the Golden Age. He will remain in human form to guide us to freedom and bliss as we learn to retrieve our primordial state of being in Maitribhav. IvyGuruStarSpray

Not here to build marble temples, golden shrines or multi-national corporations, the “Green” Guru remains in pristine uncompromised Nature to bestow the true bonding dharma that had sparked Creation itself and that is so desperately needed now to hold the universe together as it was in the beginning.

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Guru will be giving personal blessings non-stop at His last public MaitriPuja in Nepal next Spring, 21 March – 2 April. To this historic event all Rainbows, Indigos, Crystals, Truth-seekers and all children of the Golden Age are joyfully invited to report for duty to join in maitrifying the whole world even as we merge into one another in Divine Maitribhav.

Check it out for yourself at www.Maitriya.info

Welcome one and all! See you in March!

The Puja at Lamjung

February 22-27, 2014, Lamjung Maitri Puja for World Peace

From the village of Khudi at the foot of the Himalayas, the eye can reach directly onto the snowcapped peaks of Manasulu, towering 8163 metres above sea level, giving an illusion of being only three or four kilometres away.
This is the view from the site of the last puja of the Nepali year 2070, held in the District of Lamjung in northwest Nepal, on the border of Tibet. People had come from everywhere. Nepalese devotees had arrived from Manang, Pokhara Lake, Kaski, Gorkha, Tanau, Dading, Kathmandu, Kirtipur, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Kavry, Nuwakot, Sindupalchowk, Ramechhap, Makwanpur, Chitwan, Parsa, Bara, Sarlahi, Sindhuli; and from the far distant mountain region of Mustang they had travelled across the great ranges, taking more than three days for the journey. There were also Indian devotees from Sikkim and Darjeeling, Europe, East Asia and the Americas.LamjungFrgnSangha
The air throughout the highlands of Nepal is cold in the morning and evening, with sun during the day warming the breeze. But, here in Khudi, the air seems especially fresh, brushing down from the highest peaks of the world, and quickening the heart with a strong feeling of being in the presence of the divine. Devotees who have attended many of the Maitri Guru’s Pujas, agree that there was something rather special about the Lamjung Puja.

The Maitri Guru had left his mountain retreat in Thodkebar of Badegaun Township in Sindhupalchowk Disctrict, on the morning of February 19th, to travel with his immediate entourage for ten hours by jeep to Lamjung. From the very beginning atop the tiny mountain village, there were already twenty cars filled with neighbouring devotees waiting to follow Guru’s car and, when they reached the town of Sipaghad below, thirty more cars were there with motors running, along with untold numbers of motorcycles, ready to brave the long journey over the bumpy and dusty Nepali roads. 15
Along the way, motorcycles and private cars, seemingly out of nowhere, continued to join the motorcade, their numbers growing at an alarming rate, with offerings of flowers, candles and incense, khatas and fruit, waiting patiently for the Guru. At times, in certain populated towns, the road ahead became completely blocked by devotees to the point that nothing could pass, often requiring the gentle assistance of the local police. The vehicles continued to multiply as the day wore on. The roaring wheeled assemblage came to stretch long and wide for kilometers, creating a memorable sight along the roads leading to the large town of Chabel where an additional 700 devotees were waiting. There was a joyous celebratory mood among them, one and all. Whenever the caravan passed villages and towns, there were groups of devotees gathered along the road with flowers and other offerings to greet Guru’s passage, hoping for a glimpse of the beloved face, and possibly even a blessing.
Throughout the day, devotees continued to appear along the 180 kilometers between the districts of Sindhupalchowk and Lamjung. In the darkness past sunset, they stood on the roads holding offerings of flowers, incense, khatas, and now also flickering candles. The reverent devotion shown by the tens of thousands of devotees was overwhelming to the observers. There were spontaneous local receptions all along the way during the ten hours of travel, giving the travellers an unforgettable sight. Guru’s journey was attended throughout by waiting devotees from town to town, and in between. There seemed to be more people, more new faces, and more crowds than ever before.
By nightfall when the convoy reached Besishsahar, the largest town at the foothills, devotees stood there still, holding lights or candles in the darkness, their hearts aglow like their flames, eyes glistening for a glimpse of the Maitri Guru.
25Already for some years, he has ruled their hearts in loving compassion. But now was the chance for them to be there, even for a fleeting moment, close to Guru’s actual aura, to feel the Maitri Presence.
Ten hours after setting out, Guru’s party arrived at the Lamjung site where accommodations had been already prepared by the local Sangha. After a good night’s sleep, everyone rose to work on the preparations for the Puja itself. The great tarps were laid over the bamboo foundations, and flags in the Maitri order of blue, white, yellow, red and green were stretched in long strings in all eight directions from the pole-top, announcing the event. On the newly made platform, the Maitri Guru’s dais was placed, and on the surrounding fabric walls were hung thangkas of the Great Deities uniquely related to Maitreya. For two days feverish work joined all the fervent devotees in one large workforce, as people hitherto unknown to each other worked side by side for the same purpose. and with the same joyous dedication.
“Rain blesses the beginning and the end of the Maitri Guru’s every puja,” a long-time assistant of Guru said. It will always rain when Guru arrives, and again when Guru leaves. Sometimes the rain may be big, sometimes so subtle that people may not be aware of it, while at other times it is loud and wet. But for sure there will always be rain…. followed by the rainbow.” This time the rainbow was unmistakable for all to see and marvel. A huge ring of a rainbow appeared around the sun, glowing in the mid-heavens and forming a complete and perfect circle. There was a smaller ring immediately around the sun, a rim of red and yellow filaments surrounding a relatively bluish sun in the middle, much like the pupil of a huge round eye. This phenomenon hovered continuously, suspended exactly above the Puja mandala holding the tent and blessing program. The rainbow was so large, so clear, and so perfectly centered overhead that onlookers were awestruck with wonder at the surprising and inspiring manifestation.
For three days the haloed sun-eye hovered overhead, enveloping the sacred precinct. Passersby and devotees both were awed at the sight of such auspiciousness and benevolence. And for the last three days many devotees saw a bright light emanating from the middle of the Maitri Guru’s forehead, with a startlingly warm and gentle glow. Many such unforgettable manifestations around the Maitri Guru were recounted by eye-witnesses and spread across the world.
The Lamjung site is situated at the base of the famous trekking paths leading up to Annapurna in the Himalayas. It is a stop for mountaineers. During those days many hikers passing by were drawn irresistibly to the Puja. Here they received unexpected blessing of unbounded love and compassion that flowed unceasingly from the Maitri Guru for more than eight hours each day. It has been estimated that several hundred thousand people received Guru’s blessing during the six days.
There were many familiar faces among the foreign sangha, as well as new ones here for the first time, together representing more than thirty nations. There were two Italian couples, one having brought along their children. Many Buddhist and Chan monks came from monasteries in Korea and Thailand, among others. About seventy Nepali Buddhist monks from diverse monasteries, dressed in crimson and orange, came to join the chanting of prayers and mantras and to participate proactively in all proceedings.
When devotees saw the Maitri Guru in a white robe with blue trim coming with his monks in blue robes and white tops, there was a gasp of surprise and awe.
This was the first time that Guru’s Maitri colors were worn at a public event, and they presented a startling contrast to the traditional clerical colors of crimson and orange, brown, black or grey. Gradually, devotees began to realize that something was rather different about this timespace. They found themselves under a new banner, witnessing a new Order and, in their hearts, many knew that the world would be listening to a new language and hear a new Message.
Guru ascended his dais and dropped into lotus position in one graceful move. In due course, he gave his Teaching. Without quoting from the as yet unpublished Official Translation to be issued direct from Guru’s headquarters, a strictly personal interpretation follows here in the paragraph below:

As ever, Guru instructed humanity to abstain from harmful actions. Now he explained how in cosmic oneness in there being no separation whatever between the countless life cycles of all beings of all categories in all worlds or between the atma, paramatma and anatma: all seemingly disparate energies are in fact inseparably part of One. Rather than enquiring about religions or techniques of meditation, Guru asked us to reflect first of all on what we have gained from our habitual passions and worldly attachments. He seemed to be addressing humanity from a unique perspective of being in human form with feet on the earth yet with cosmic consciousness remaining in the sky, above and beyond the myriad illusions that since primordial times have imprisoned humanity inside illusions. From this cosmic perspective, the Maitri Guru pointed out that whilst all other life forms already thrive in Maitriyan Dharma, human beings alone remain in the ignorance and suffering created by the misdirected dogmata they have been perpetuating since primordial times. By simply surrendering in complete trust and faith to the GuruMarga – the Way of (all) Gurus – human beings, too, can quickly experience true Dharma. Bringing Maitri Dharma closer to home, Guru said that the drive and goal of all religions in their primordial stage had been to attain Maitri Dharma – the Way of Maitriya – ; that in the beginning, all religions had been on the same all comprehending Maitri Path. And now the GuruMarga has descended to bring all humanity, with all religions, back onto the Maitri Dharma of universal loving compassion that had been here since the beginning.

Marking the Fourth Year of Maitreya, the New Age following upon the long preceding Kali Yuga or Age of Darkness, the Maitri Guru in this way revealed yet a little more of the special attributes of the world to come, providing a hint of the peace and happiness that shall bloom forth once the basic precepts of universal respect, compassion, equality and true faith are revived in our hearts.

On the morning of departure, rain began to fall gently over the land, smiling on the convoy like a blessing. Again, villagers from nearby stood along the streets in the morning sprinkle to bid Guru farewell. But, once the motorcade left the district of Lamjung, the rain intensified, falling loudly, and soon filled the streets with small rivulets. By the time they reached the Naubisey highway going to Kathmandu, the road was congested for a full kilometer with cars that had been there for nearly ten hours. The passage became inundated and water covered the tires of Guru’s Jeep. Motorcyclists had water coming up to their waists. Miraculously, local sangha members appeared, and managed in groups to open up a pass way for Guru’s convoy of about thirty cars, busses and cyclists to go through. Curiously, throughout this stretch, the towns to the left or right of their journey remained dry, without the least rain. By this time, close followers have become used to certain manifestations of the unusual. ##

Maitriya Dharma Centre at Badegaun


On October 19th, Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sanga Guru launched his new Maitriya Dharma Centre located in the remote wilderness of Badegaun in the mountainous Sindhupalchok District of Nepal. The Guru called for an official photo session, surrounded by his monks and nuns, and issued a press release announcing the new headquarters. This heralds a significant new phase in the spread of Maitriya Dharma across the world. Since the time of Shakyamuni Buddha 2500 years ago, Nepal is poised to become, once more, the centre of world-wide Dharmic effulgence.

There is a new banner that is the Maitriya Guru’s Standard, differing from traditional Buddhist flags. The colors are, in descending order, of blue, white, yellow, red and green. Instead of Nepali or Sanskrit, writing on the individual banners will be in Maitri, the language of Maitriya (often spelled as “Maitreya”).1911

The Bodhi Shravan Dharma Sangha Centre has been reorganized and is now headed by a small central committee directly under the Guru’s personal command. Henceforth announcements and decisions will be issued directly from his Office, through Jyampa Topchen and Jyampa Ninchenmo. The Maitriya nuns and monks now wear robes hitherto unknown in Buddhist monasteries or convents, of blue and white instead of the traditional crimson, orange, yellow or shades of brown or grey.

Dharma Sangha Guru announced that spreading of the new Marga (Path) of Maitriya Dharma “begins from zero.” This statement implies that no Maitriyan Teachings have yet been received in the preceding Age of Shakyamuni Buddha, and that a brand new Age has begun, the Age of Maitriya. The Guru will devote the foreseeable future to writing the New Teachings in the seclusion of his new kajopa (small house) now in construction and near completion.
A waterfall and a spring here provide pure fresh water, and a river running at the base of the mountain can be heard at night, as cicadas and wild birds sing during the day. In this remote and relatively uninhabited terrain stretching from the valley river up over 1500 metres above, there are wild deer as well as leopards, cougars and other fauna. For human visitors it is a stunning environment with clear sunny skies and dappled shade beneath deciduous trees. Views of mountains in echelon across the valley include small terraced farms and a few earthen houses. From higher vantage points one can see the snow capped Himalayas reaching into blue skies. There is a sense of flowing unity and joy where energies of trees, breezes, grasses and animal life flow into each other the way water moves in and around fishes in the ocean. There are ants and bees here, as well as mosquitoes and other insects. It is as if all nature’s creatures are content here, their vibrations in harmony bloom into pervasive tolerance and respect for one another. Walking in these mountains the visitor becomes easily immersed in the overwhelming peace and tranquillity.

Reading over the Teachings Guru has given the world since 2007, it is clear that the Maitriyan world is singularly, comprehensively egalitarian and in Oneness, free from the slightest hint of anthropocentrism where Man holds dominion over all creation. Rather, Creation and All Creatures are one and of the same essence, inextricably part of one another. Once absorbed in Maitri, human beings can begin to shed, like wornout snake skin, their millennia-old habit of separation, of I and Thou, of all conceptual (illusory) boundaries. And once human consciousness tunes into Maitriyan Loving Compassion, that is total identification with all things, everything becomes Maitri. Everything becomes bliss. Humans can thus be freed from the crippling shackles of greed or envy, to flow effortlessly like fish in the unbounded ocean, in the unbounded space-time of Peace. Everything still looks the same, but one’s relationship to all takes a cosmic leap, because now the universe is one, and one is the universe.

At the last Teaching given at the Chitwan Puja last June, Guru had said that in order to know True Dharma and True Essence, one must be one’s own essential self. This simple statement may be seen to be stressing the need to recover one’s own true, pristine nature. This requires shedding of the thickly encrusted layers of “human nature” built up over thousands of years of cerebral divisiveness, to return to human beings’ essential nature that is of one and the same essence as the universe, and its Way. Statements of such revolutionary nature fill the Guru’s Teachings, but are often overlooked or misunderstood by the bounded mind long habituated to separation.

These days on the mountain workers carry 100 kg bags of cement, stone or beams up and down the steep and often slippery winding mountain paths to finish Guru’s kajopa. Everything locally available is being used in the construction of this modest dwelling-cum-study. Workers will then embark on enlarging the 2 km path down this mountain and up to the next village across the river, in preparation for vehicle transport of construction materials for a sizable Dharma Hall. It is here that this new phase in the Maitri flowering on earth will commence, where the Maitriya Guru will personally train monks and nuns in the future universal language of Maitri. Centuries down the road, these early years of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru’s advent may indeed seem remarkable by their peculiarly humble and obscure beginnings.

And it is precisely the Guru’s gentle loving compassion amidst the skepticism, rejection and man-made obstacles that has drawn from all corners of the world the many very special souls that now form His early International Sangha. In waves they come, as if drawn from the core of their being to the familiar scent of a deep-rooted fragrance lost eons ago. As observed in previous reports, they comprise largely of the types of new beings populating the world over the past few decades, identified by scholars as Indigo Children, and more recently Crystal Children, beings from higher civilizations in distant planets who dedicate themselves to the rescue work needed to help lift Planet Earth from its current course of certain self-destruction. Gathering at Guru’s Pujas around Nepal, they teach yoga, give herbal or psychic healing, make music, cook raw foods, give massages and otherwise dedicate life-energy to the well-being of others. Here on the mountain without a Puja, devotees continue to trickle in. A group from China have come to offer assistance whilst from eastern Europe, India, New Zealand devotees participate in the construction efforts, or spend most waking hours absorbed in meditation or chanting.

Metaphorically, Guru’s large Dharma Drum has already sounded, its wakening thunder echoes across mountains and valleys reverberating in the hearts of all sentient beings ready to welcome the Maitriyan Age.

Nepal’s Greatest Gift to Humanity

Posted by The Himalayan Voice May 30, 2013

The Maha Maitreya Puja will be on June 8 -12, 2013 in Chitwan, the site for World Peace Puja is readied for the thousands to come from all over Nepal and the world for the Guru’s personal blessing. Though many have not yet met him, some have experienced life-transformation at the mere sight of a photograph, or reading a Teaching on www.eTapasvi.com

The young Guru, born Ram Bahadur Bonjam from a poor farm family in Nepal’s Bara District, vanished into the jungles at age fifteen. There, as a young monk, he meditated at the base of a giant pipal tree, sheltered by large cavernous roots. For six solid years from 2005 to 2011, atoning for the world’s sins, he meditated for its deliverance from suffering and ignorance. Before his closest friends, and sometimes before the media’s prying eyes he evolved steadily, without taking food or water, from an ordinary human into the Manifest Divinity now increasingly seen as Lord of the Age of Maitreya, succeeding the last teaching Buddha, Shakyamuni. In this sense, Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha is Nepal’s greatest Gift to Humanity in 2500 years. But in direct proportion to his growing global light, dark clouds of opposition rise at home. Certain influential sectors and local media hoped to suppress if not eradicate his allure.

To many, for a young monk of humble Tamang origins to embody such cosmic potential is unwelcome news. Moreover, his earliest public utterances already presented upsettingly radical views. All living beings (humans, animals, insects, fish, as well as all plants), are equally deserving of love and respect. He once termed meat-eating “daemonic behavior” that seemed at first a gross overstatement, until the heart learns to feel from the perspective of a steer, goat, pig, sheep, or from fowl and sea creatures, and all plants. Such a relatively new and empathetic outlook (or inner resonance) demands yielding one’s egocentricity to experience a unified world. As it takes some time to attune to the undifferentiated and cosmic love behind this simple utterance, many people still resist, not having yet relaxed the heart enough to resonate on a larger scale in empathy with all creatures.

Starting his solitary meditation with the ordination name Palden Dorje, he received successively, from his divine Guides, different titles reflecting stages in his evolution from monk into Buddha. From Om Namo Buddha Gyani Guru, to Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha Guru, he received his final title: Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru. This in plural form meaning “Great Dharma Congregation of the Fully Enlightened”, a weighty title for a 21-year-old to bear, especially a shy, soft-spoken boy with only a fourth-grade education. But in fact this title indicates the colossal responsibility now saddled upon him.
The-buddha-boy-mk Guru w Red original
His long process through blistering heat and freezing frosts without sustenance included merging with the elements air, fire, water and earth. He meditated underground, in water, and was once engulfed in 15 M high flames that emanated from his chest, consuming his robe and singeing his hair. A hastily summoned video camera caught the last hour where he danced in the flames standing and sitting stark naked, holding only a ritual bell and vajra. This clip was made during a week of absence when the BBC Discovery channel’s crew filming the celebrated Boy with Divine Powers had left. Learning of the fire, they returned to interview witnesses, and filmed again, for four consecutive days. The news alerted New Agers that the Guru of gurus had come. And from the world over, they thronged to Nepal to meditate near the spiritual guide during the last years of his six-year metamorphosis, to be within his spiritual and energetic sphere, and to await his spoken word.

The site of the April 2013 Puja graces former farmlands of a teenage devotee in southern Nepal named Buddha Yonjan, and his father, Gopal. As the Guru’s advent had been attended from the start by destructive moves from disgruntled factions, Buddha Yonjan concluded Guru needed a shelter. During one incident last year, the Yonjan family came forward to donate their hills and farmland, providing Guru with his sole earthly refuge.

Now the land is being prepared for the throngs of devotees to come. A nun bring a hundred odd “butter” lamps from Kathmandu. Volunteers clear the slopes. A tractor is toing and froing to a plantation bringing in 15- to 20-foot long bamboo. Piles of sturdy flexible tubes lie in the dust waiting to become upright structures. The helpers stay overnight in makeshift huts and erect the large Puja tent with their bare hands. The compound offers the barest of human necessities. Yet a sense of peace and serenity flows through the mixed community like an undercurrent uniting all into one, even though locals don’t speak English and foreigners know little Nepali. Obstacles arise one after the other, only to be resolved with ingenuity and good humor.

From dawn to dusk the foreigners do meditation or healing in small groups, or discuss Guru’s Teachings. All being Seekers, each one has at one time or other affirmed deep in the heart, without reason but with complete certainty: “This is the one! This is the Guru!” Those who’ve been seeking for years without finding a personal Guide, find home at last. With different backgrounds, they converged here independently, to discover they must become One, to evolve in Maitri loving compassion to spread Guru’s Teachings. When asked during a meeting (21 August, 2010) if the Teachings were Buddhist or Hindu, Guru had replied,

The religion is actually called Bodhi Dharma, but includes all religions. No one is excluded. I’ll be moving forward to include all existing religions of the world.IvyGuruStarSpray The special quality about this curious mix of world devotees sets them apart from other more opulent and organized sangha groups…

A Philadelphian comes after years in India under various Gurus and different spiritual practices. Bright blue eyes behind horn-rimmed glasses, lips hidden beneath a long moustache, dark blond hair and long beard matted in dreadlocks, he walks about draped loosely in a dhoti and squats on the ground to eat with his hand. Well versed in practices spiritual, he discusses various forms spirituality, religious customs and festivals.

An Australian Reiki master and former accountant shifted his life course to take up healing some years back, and his bright green eyes have not stopped smiling since. He imbibes nature in total bliss, forgetting time. With him, one receives a blast of instantly uplifting Ozzie warmth. Using Reiki he opens chakras for healing and spiritual guidance. His New Zealand friend is not only a clairvoyant medium, but a clairsentient keenly affected by the most delicate vibrations and energetic changes within a huge sphere. When the two met a year ago, they knew instantly their life was to join forces for healing and energetic tuning, to help friends and strangers attune to the accelerating global shifts. Each day she shares visions that come through from her Guides. She hasn’t seen Guru, but already his energy sphere is charging her sight and insight with intensity. This place has a far higher energetic vibration than any she’s ever known, and she says subtle changes are transforming everyone here on deep inner levels.

Among the first devotees who’d helped shape the direction of the international Sangha with their translations and videos is a British-American resident of Japan for the last twenty odd years. She practices aroma therapy and yoga. Skilled in many languages, she began to study Sanskrit and Nepali to translate Guru’s rare public Teachings. A Netherlander born and raised in Surinam till her engineer father took a job in Holland, grew up also with bicultural values. While her siblings went into the professions she chose to paint portraits for individuals and art galleries, and became deeply drawn to the young meditating monk in the jungle. With wavy long black hair she looks a female version of the Guru, and her beautiful large black eyes glisten whenever speaking of him. She witnessed the historic speech of May 2011 when the emerging Guru addressed the world announcing his identity, lineage, and mission on earth. Her life has been in the Guru ever since. A devotee from India has come many times already. His large brown liquid eyes enfold the listener. He speaks of dedicating his life to contemplation, giving up his former worldly careerism. His gentle lilting speech betrays deep experience in electrical and mechanics among other skills.

From Moscow comes S the soft-spoken master of the now indispensible www.eTapasvi.com. He organizes and runs virtually alone the complex network around the Guru and his Teachings, in no less than 17 languages. This dedicated cyberspace has inspired thousands and engendered the widespread devotion now converging. Barely twenty-five, with surprising technical expertise, he works with ingenuity creating a shower with bamboo poles and black plastic floored with beautiful mosaic of large roadside pebbles. His clear light green transparent eyes, pools of purity and love, typify the “Crystal Children” identified by psychologists.

A blond angel from Ukraina carries a small bag and a large lute-like instrument. Sinking to the ground she tunes the strings. All stop chatting to listen, and suddenly, she breaks into song, a mellifluous Sanskrit hymn flowing through a golden voice that pierces the heart. Everyone is mesmerized. Her large bright green eyes are transparent with wisdom and compassion, her face all innocence.

Foreign devotees here represent 33 nations near and far, many alternative healers who avoid pharmaceuticals. There are also so-called New-Age Children referred to as “Crystal Children,” “Indigo Children, etc., beings born in droves over the past few decades to help effect global higher consciousness. They share several traits: life’s mission is to give, to share and not to take or harm. Refusing to hurt animals, they are vegetarians. Not living “ordinary” lives, they often have issues with non-supportive teachers or parents. They carve out new paths for themselves in Reiki, aroma therapy, spiritual guide channeling, minstrel-like music wanderings, herbs or yoga, etc.

Like a conch-blow to awaken the world, the Puja calls for all religions to join in oneness of loving compassion. For four days the devotees number around 50,000 per day, with 70,000 on the last day. In all 270,000 pilgrims come through the tiny farmstead. All experience integration and peace here. As one they seem to lift the planet from pollution, greed and cruelty. Earth will be home for Buddhas where all sentient beings including animals, insects and plants are delivered from ignorance and suffering. Such is the Maitreyan Age.

Young Q from France, another school dropout not yet twenty, found his way to the Puja site all alone. Asked why he was here, he replied without hesitation, “I came for Truth. People in my country turn truths info falsehoods, and falsehoods into truths.” In the dark night of our interview he said he “knows” Lord Maitreya, the Buddha of this Age and this Sangha. “No one in my life has ever mentioned or taught me about Maitreya. But the very first time I heard this name I knew instantly Who He is…. And so I came.”

Video Interview on MS Dharma Sangha關於尼泊爾奇蹟的訪谈

昨晚突然接到一個來自美國麻省的線上出版 尼泊爾的編輯者的訪問,來談關於一位15歲溜進了尼泊爾自然大叢林打坐入定,2005-2011六年不吃不喝不動、為人類贖罪的少年,Maha Sambhodi Dharma Sangha。當年被質疑的媒體譏笑稱謂BuddhaBoy。小虎萬分好奇,從2012年開始到尼泊爾訪問當地人以及來自各國的誠心人。透過當地觀察訪問,小虎發現我們住在一個大奇蹟正在發生的關鍵時代,興奮至極,秋天將回尼泊爾學習語言以便嘗試直接用尼泊爾文作問答、訪問。
Mr B K Rana from Cambridge Mass. USA, conducted this interview late in June, 2013. The YouTube LINK is here. HIMALAYAN TALK访问关于六年入定不吃不喝的尼泊尔少年。优酷連接

A Nepali Puja (I) Visiting the Site & Meeting the Sangha

The Puja (1) – The Site, local and international devotees (April, 2013)
Joan Stanley-Baker

- ViewNepaliVillages@MntnFoot

The Maha Matri World Peace Puja was a bit more than a week away. The site was being prepared for tens of thousands of devotees to come from all over Nepal, and from the world, to receive the Guru’s blessing in person. Although many devotees have not yet met him, some have already felt transformation in their lives at the mere sight of a photograph, or when touched deep in the heart by the Teachings on the website www.eTapasvi.com, falling into a boundless love and compassion. A busy American housewife, PTA executive, substitute teacher and Yoga instructor, recently prayed to the guru’s internet photo seeking time for her own meditations. The next morning she woke up at 04:00 for a full two hours’ uninterrupted meditation that charged the rest of her long day. She has been meditating at 04:00 ever since. A Bhutanese woman whose son had been rejected by medical school because of his stuttered, went to Nepal and showed the young Guru her son’s photo, seeking help. The Guru blessed it, and when she returned home, she found her son cured. The core international and Nepali devotees each with dramatic stories of life-transformation to tell, say they were “chosen” to form the Guru’s vanguard sangha, who would remain limited in size, explaining that the Guru had said,
“As the Guru expands the Sangha, the Dharma will be spread. Not a throng of people, or else the Guru Dharma cannot be assimilated, and arising adharmic questions can never be answered.” (MSDS Speech of 28 January, 2012)

This is the young Guru who at age fifteen had vanished into Nepal’s jungles to meditate in the hollow trunk of a giant pipal tree. He meditated without interruption for six years from 2005 to 2011 in penitential atonement for the sins of the world, and for its deliverance from suffering and ignorance. Before his closest devotees and sometimes before the media’s prying eyes, he steadily evolved, without food or water, from an ordinary human youth into the Manifest Divinity now increasingly recognized and worshipped around the world as Lord of the Golden Age of Maitreya that follows upon the Age of Shakyamuni Buddha. In this sense Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha is Nepal’s greatest Gift to Humanity since the last Buddha of 2500 years ago. But in direct proportion to his growing light abroad, dark clouds of opposition loom at home as influential sectors, including local media, seek to suppress or eradicate this phenomenon. The carnivorous majority resists any voice condemning the slaughter of innocent animals. Nor can the nation’s upper crust welcome anyone from the lower casts to rise so suddenly, and with such cosmic significance.

Starting his solitary meditation under his ordained name Palden Dorje, he then came to receive different titles from the invisible celestial Guides, reflecting stages in his evolution from monk into Buddhahood. From Om Namo Buddha Gyani Guru, Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha Guru, Dharma Sangha Guru to Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sanaga Guru, in plural form meaning “Great Dharma Congregation of the Fully Enlightened”. This is an extraordinary burden for a 21-year-old youth to carry, especially one who had been a shy, soft-spoken boy with only a fourth-grade education.
This protracted focussed meditation in blistering heat and freezing frosts without sustenance included the process of becoming one with the elements air, fire, water and earth. He meditated underground without air, in the river, and underwent spontaneous combustion where giant flames consumed his robe and singed his hair. A hastily summoned video camera caught the last hour where he danced in the flames standing and sitting stark naked, holding only his ritual bell and vajra. This amateur clip has been uploaded onto the internet. Around that time the BBC Discovery Channel’s was making its celebrated documentary, Boy with Divine Powers, a film that alerted emerging new age generations that the Guru of gurus had arrived. From the world over hundreds have thronged to Nepal to meditate near their spiritual guide during the last years of his Six-Year Process, to come within his spiritual and energetic sphere, and to await his spoken word.
2009 to large crowds Condemning GadhiMai Temple Sacrifices

The site of the April Puja graced the former farmland of a teenage devotee in southern Nepal by the name of Buddha Yonjam, and his father, Gopal. Since the Guru’s advent was attended from the start by hostile moves from people threatened by the evidently unstoppable phenomenon, Yonjan felt that his Guru needed a shelter. During one of the harassment incidents last year, Buddha’s family came forward and donated their hills and farmland that became the young Guru’s sole earthly refuge. For the Puja the site was now being readied for the waves of devotees, as various other preparations were underway. A young nun had gone up to Kathmandu to purchase over a hundred “butter” lamps. Lit anew each day, they burn a plant oil or banasphathi ghee for flames believed to purify devotees’ hearts, and burn off their bad karma.
Many Nepali devotees arrived to help clear the slopes of shrubbery before leveling the hills. The tractor was toing and froing to a nearby bamboo plantation bringing in 15- to 20-foot long poles. Piles of sturdy yet flexible bamboo tubes lay on the dusty earth waiting to be raised into structures. The helpers stay overnight in makeshift bamboo huts and start work early around six, erecting the large building for the guru and monks, all with bare hands. They weave bamboo walls and fences, magically erecting a full ritual site out of nothing.

The compound offers the barest of human comfort or convenience. Yet a pervading sense of peace and serenity flows through the mixed community like an undercurrent uniting all into one, even though the locals don’t speak English and foreigners know little Nepali. Obstacles arise one after the other, only to be resolved in due course with ingenuity and good humour.
From dawn to dusk the foreigners engaged doing meditation or healing in small groups, or discussed the Guru’s Teachings as they could understand it. Each one had at one time or other affirmed in his or her heart without reason, but with complete certainty: “This is the one! This is my Guru!” All the devotees from overseas, like those from Nepal, share an overarching love for their guru, and absolute trust. The foreign devotees converged independently, but discovered here that they must learn to become One in order to evolve in the Maitri way and to spread Guru’s teachings. When asked during a meeting (21 August, 2010) if the Teachings were Buddhist or Hindu, the Guru had replied,
“The religion is actually called Bodhi Dharma, but includes all religions. No one is excluded. I’ll be moving forward to include all existing religions of the world.”

A special quality about this curious mix of world devotees sets them apart from other sangha groups…
A first-time visitor from Chile had heard about the Guru in Kathmandu and decided to come find out for herself. Intently absorbed in a heavy tome, The Second Coming of Christ, she listens equally intently whenever sangha members discussed the Dharma or their Guru. From Philadelphia, a regular devotee came after years in India under various Guru and Rinpoche and different spiritual practices. His bright blue eyes are hidden behind horn-rimmed glasses, his lips shaded by a long moustache and beard, his dark blond hair matted in dreadlocks, he walks about draped loosely in a wrap-round dhoti and India-made shirts, and is notably adapt squatting on the ground eating with his hand. With other strong members he draws huge buckets of water from the well down the hill for members’ washing or showers, and make tasty salads combining raw vegetables and fruits the local kitchens don’t. Well versed in practices spiritual, he happily shares tales of Indian and Nepali spirituality, religious customs and festivals.
A Reiki master from Australia was an accountant in his “life before Guru.” Shifting course some years back, he took up healing and his bright green eyes have not stopped smiling since. He sits in nature drinking in the elements in total bliss, forgetting time. Everyone he meets receives a blast of Ozzie warmth, becoming instantly uplifted. With Reiki he helps members open up chakras to receive healing and guidance with less obstruction. His New Zealand partner is not only a clairvoyant medium, but a clairsentient keenly affected by the most delicate vibrations and energetic changes within a huge sphere around her. When the two met a year ago, they knew instantly that their life mission was to join forces for silent healing and energetic tuning all around, helping fellow devotees or strangers attune to the global transformation. Each day she shared visions that came through during meditation or even simply being among people, especially when they are praying. Though she had never yet seen the Guru, being within his energy sphere has charged her sight and insight with unusual intensity. She said this place had a far higher energetic vibration than she had experienced elsewhere, and that subtle but profound changes were transforming everyone gathered there on a deep inner level. She may suddenly sense negative influences in people, or energy-blockage in some part of the body of devotees she’d never met before. “How did she know?” the devotee wondered, “I have told no one about my leg.” The medium sent healing energies, received from her invisible guides, to affected body parts of people around her day and night, sometimes even in her dreams, she says.
Devotees here are predominantly healers, of the alternative kind who avoid pharmaceuticals. They include so-called “Crystal Children,” beings born in the last few decades in droves to help lift Earth onto higher consciousness. From different countries, they have several points in common: 1) Their life mission is to give and to share, not to take or harm. Refusing to hurt animals, they are usually vegetarians. 2) Not of “ordinary society” or living “ordinary” lives, they reflect New Age children who sometimes have issues with non-supportie parents or teachers and who create new life paths with Reiki, aroma therapy, spiritual guide channeling, herbs or yoga, etc. This “gentle” generation trigger happiness and a sense of well-being in all they meet. 3) Not in pursuit of influence or affluence, they avoid spheres of power, wealth, authority, even “the professions”.
Among the very first international devotees is a British-American who has been living in Japan the last twenty odd years, married to a Japanese, bore two children and set up her practice of aroma therapy and yoga teaching. Skilled in many languages, she began to study Sanskrit and Nepali to provide translations of the Guru’s rare public Statements. In her book Reflections, she recounts her journey to find her Guru, introducing Nepal, Guru’s family and immediate circle.
A Netherlander born and raised in Surinan until age 9 when her father took a job in Holland and brought the family over, finished her studies with her siblings in Holland. But unlike them taking standard professions, she chooses to paint portraits, for individuals and art galleries. With wavy long black hair she looks a black version of Guru, and her beautiful large black eyes glisten whenever speaking of him. Since her fist journey to Nepal three months before the Guru completed his meditation, she has never since left his side in spirit. She returned a second time to witness the historic speech of May 2011 when the newly emergent Guru seated on a specially made dais, addressed the entire world announcing his identity, lineage, and his mission on earth. She now paints the Guru exclusively, portraits that devotees the world over hope eventually to venerate in their homes.
The young devotee from India had come many times already. His large brown liquid eyes enfolding one, he speaks of dedicating his life to contemplation, giving up his former life of worldly careerism. His gentle lilting speech belies his deep experience in electrical and mechanical engineering.
From Moscow comes softspoken master of the world-famous dedicated website www.eTapasvi.com. He has organized and run the complex network of information about the Guru and his Teachings in seventeen languages. This cyberspace has inspired thousands of world devotees and has unleashed the widespread love and devotion now converging toward the young Guru in Nepal. Barely twenty-five years old, he daily offers his technical expertise, entirely on a voluntary basis. Each time he visits Nepal he would quietly serve the sangha with manual labour and ingenuity, creating now a shower with bamboo poles and black plastic, floored with beautiful mosaic of large stones from the construction site. His clear light green eyes are transparent like pools of purity and love, typical of the “Crystal Children” described by psychologists.
From Ukraina is the amazing blond angel carrying only a small bag and a large four-stringed African instrument. She sits down on the ground to tune the strings and strum as devotees stopped chatting to listen and, all of a sudden, breaks into song, a Sanskrit hymn of praise, in a golden mellifluous voice that goes straight to the heart. Everyone is mesmerized, rooted to the earth. Her large bright green eyes are transparent with wisdom and compassion, her face all innocence.

Among the younger devotees a girls from Lithuania is another angel personified. Her large green eyes are transparent with love and laughter, and she says she has come to Nepal to teach children how to listen to trees. Travelling around the world, she gives her devotion to the young, awakening their innate oneness with the world and with all sentient beings, including ancient trees and young flowers.
It may be that such large transparent eyes, from light green to dark brown, distinguish these young people who have come from countries near and far including India, America, Mexico, Argentina, Lithuania, Ukrainia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Russia, Australia, Denmark, England, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Bhutan and Surinam among others. Unlike the earlier generation of Rainbow Warriors who take a proactive stand against injustice and violence, these younger people are more like the Rainbow Gathering, young folks who congregate in different places around the world to spend at least one, often two months or more, living together without money, drugs, alcohol or smoking. To Guru such people come with complete trust, total love and tolerance, enfolding rather than confronting; gentle and retiring, their soft extension of goodwill infecting all those around them with surprise and benevolence.
A very quiet young man from France, another school dropout not yet twenty, has found his way to the Puja site all alone. Asked why he was here, he replies without hesitation, “I came for Truth. People in my country turn truths info falsehoods, and falsehoods into truths.” In the dark night of our interview he says he “knows” Lord Maitreya, the Buddha of this Age and this Sangha. “No one in my life ever mentioned or taught me anything about Maitreya. But the very first time I heard his name I knew instantly Who He is…. And so I came.” ##