The Puja (II) – Guru and The Darshan

April 2013, Patharkot, Nepal

The Maha Maitri Puja for World Peace has begun. Devotees from overseas and Nepal arrive by the busloads, transforming this small rural farm into a bustling festival town complete with giant tour-coaches and tiny street side vendors. Devotees from all over Nepal coming out from their busses after long journeys can buy water, drinks, mala prayer bead strings, and khata.

Different from many group-meditation events enjoying increasing popularity in the West, the Maha Maitri World Peace Puja does not feature sermons or devotees singing. It is more Darshan, a vision of the Divine, a hearing of Essential Dharma from The True Guru. Nearly the whole of the four days Guru sits without eating or drinking, only to give personal blessing to tens of thousands of devotees. They quietly file past his dais with bowed heads on which Guru pours Divine blessing with his cupped right hand. Manifesting awe and devotion, monastics and sangha in loving Maitri Compassion converge at Pujas to learn to become One, dedicating their prayers to World Peace. The days vibrate with monks’ chanting, and loud music from the double-reed oboe-like ghyaling, the round drum dhengro, cymbals, and the Tibetan long horn, lafa. On the outside, it is a colourful experience of the senses what with candles and butter-lamps, flying banners fluttering in the wind, and incense wafting through the breeze. On the inside, however, it is a quiet uplift of the soul, in meeting the Divine, Heart to Heart.

In the covered Puja space, beneath the blue, white, red, green and yellow canopy, the Guru’s dais upon a three-stepped platform is painted in gorgeous images of flowers and lions. The surrounding panels display thangkas of the ash-covered Maitreya Buddha standing on a pink lotus in bloom and, following, six buddha-gurus never before known in this world, who embody new attributes of our Age. They include Mra Mra Phen Buddha, Bhaitri Guru, Pema Dhakpo Guru, Senghye and Singhi, Singhye Guru, and Dhakpo Guru. The young Guru has brought his own Pantheon.
Maitri Guru Portrait 1690

Many devotees had come after having watched videos of the young monk sitting motionless without any sustenance for days on end, meditating in the hollow of a large pipal tree, the silent days then drawing into months, and years. The penitential meditation began in May, 2005 dedicated specifically to liberation from suffering and ignorance of all breathing beings in this world, including the planet’s flora and fauna. Some people recognised divine attributes after watching the amateur video of the sixteen-year-old monk sitting and dancing in flames that eye-witnesses had seen first as shafts of intense light emanating from his chest. The fire took place in 2006, a few days after the BBC’s Discovery crew had left, causing their return to interview witnesses and do another four days’ continuous filming of what would become their world-famous documentary Boy with Divine Powers. This is the Guru who would refer to his tapasya (penance) in terms of “thousands of years” revealing that the soul, as it evolves, may pass trough several different levels of enlightened consciousness, where “Sambodhi” is the final one when all levels disappear (becoming equal). “You are in front of Sambodhi,” he announced in July, 2011, and that the world should be aware of this his manifestation of cosmic dimensions.

Now in Patharkot the crowds entered the covered area and performed one by one the three prostrations raising joined hands high above the head Tibetan fashion, then touching the eyes, mouth and heart offering their devotion to the Guru in the soul, eyes, speech and heart, they kneel down and prostrate themselves full length upon the make-shift tarp barely covering the newly flattened earth, rising with sand on the forehead. International devotees unused to the exercise simply kneel down in prayerful attitudes, some with legs tucked to one side instead of sitting in half or full lotus position. Everyone sat, sinking deep within to feel the heart’s Guru, and many look in the direction of Guru’s house in anticipation of the beatific arrival.

Eventually the reed trumpets sound, interrupting the mantra-chanting broadcast. Guru is walking down from his abode up the hill, preceded by the musicians. The congregation rise, craning their necks for a glimpse. The Guru, all in white, is walking swiftly along the narrow path covered with yellow cloth. Young and old monks surround him, musicians in front, and incense carrier holding the smoking censer hanging from three chains, to wave in various directions for ritual purification.

At last! The long, long awaited moment has come. Devotees who’ve been camping here for days and weeks, can finally behold the actual Guru in person. He enters from the right, walking swiftly to the dais in the centre of the podium. His arms are longer than normal, recalling the standing Maitreya. His long black wavy hair now nearly reaches the elbows. His gait is light and swift, his robes flutter with the hair. Nimbly he takes the few steps up the dais and gracefully sinks to the floor in one single movement, legs folding into lotus position. The space becomes electric, emotions run the gamut from suspiciously curious, often from neighbouring villagers, to profound reverence and devotion, from Nepali and international devotees. The Guru’s radiating energies are felt with surprising force by the more sensitive, some of whom reel, a bit unsteady. The Guru’s appearance can best be described as divine, rather unworldly and seemingly androgynous. His radiating beauty is both masculine and feminine. Evoking images of early Gandharan sculptures of the Shakyamuni Buddha, Guru’s face is balanced and dignified, at the same time full of compassion. Both male and female devotees are overwhelmed when gazing upon this embodiment of Love, with extraordinary compassion, forgiveness and acceptance emanating from the seated figure. One of the more sentient devotees “sees” waves of diamonds cascading down from Guru’s dais fanning out towards the huge gathering, in alternating rows of blue and white diamonds, sparkling as they ripple through the space spreading light, peace and joy, gradually engulfing all present.
9April2013 Patharkot

After a while, attendants adjust the microphone, and Guru launches the Puja with a few brief statements. He speaks in a gentle voice, the words coming out slowly and clearly. In a few sentences, he introduces the different categories of guru who had come to the world in the past, subtly pointing to his own this time around. There are Marga Guru, (the Guru or Guide of the Way), and Guru Marga, the Way of (all) Gurus. In times past different Marga Gurus have appeared on earth during auspicious times, each showing one Way to liberation with its own rules and methods coloured in a different hue. In time humans have become increasingly estranged from the essence of Truth. Humans have the freedom of choice between Dharma and Sin, and in these times many are moving swiftly toward darkness, without the essence of Truth. Responding to the urgency of these our times, the Guru Marga or the Way of all Gurus – now manifests on Earth. Yet many humans thinking themselves powerful, have been throwing ridicule and obstacles his way, altogether missing the import of “the Present Guru.”

It may be inferred from the Speeches (see Teachings on the right side, home page), that whilst previous gurus have each been showing a single Way, the present Guru (GuruMarga, the Way of all gurus) will lead all religions and Ways, unifying all sentient beings into the original One Soul that is the Cosmos. Guru does not look at his audience or use any gestures. Moreover he uses the term “humans” instead of “people”. He does not use terms of I, you, we or they, but speaks from a lofty distance where “humans” are but one species in the Cosmos.

Following the brief Opening Speech – the only time Guru’s voice is heard in the entire four days, devotees from near and far file singly before the dais, their heads bowed to receive Guru’ blessing hand, or they hold a long katha scarf above the head, for Guru to place it, with both hands, over their shoulder. Some bring their children to be blessed. Some bring water to be blessed so that it can be given to loved ones in small doses for dilution into ever-expanding Maitri energy. Some ill or elderly are too weak to walk alone, and approach gingerly, supported by two family members or volunteers. One woman came up the dais unprepared for Guru’s radiant energy and, upon seeing Guru’s face up close, she promptly fainted dropping to the floor. Many seated devotees fix their gaze ceaselessly upon the Guru, tears streaming in gratitude and bliss. Some sit upright in meditation, eyes closed, gazing at the Guru inside.
The monks continue singing prayers to the Seven Deities that Guru had introduced to the world, accompanied by reeds, cymbals and drum working for hours on end. They finally take a break after about four hours, and music switches back to the Mantra Om A-Hung Mahen Yana Guru Pani Siddhi Hung. Although attendants and monks alternately take sustenance, Guru remains motionless on his dais, blessing each and everyone with compassion, without eating or drinking anything throughout the long day.
The large throngs of devotees continue to file by (on average some 55,000 perday). The distant ones returning home on the busses right after they receive blessing, the locals going out for food, virtually everyone walks in and out of the giant tent at least twice, usually more times each day. Only Guru remains on his dais, without any nourishment and without changing his position.

From near distance, Guru’s face appears serious, calm and detached. But coming up for direct blessing, one devotee looked up into his eyes when instantly her whole consciousness flew up, drawn irresistibly into two immense black tunnels that had no end.
BuddhaGyani Another devotee felt her knees weaken when she gazed upon Guru’s face. For two shafts of blue and yellow-green light suddenly shot forth from his pupils, piercing hers. Their electrifying intensity obscured his eyes behind them, their Source, and with a purity and magnitude she’d never imagined existed. The beams blazed through her soul shooting far, far back, into myriad lifetimes past, “I have loved you. Always.” From previously unknown depths of her being she recognized Divine Love. Startled into new wakefulness, she vividly recalled the words “for He so loved the world…” In this lightning Darshan her heart dissolved and threw itself, flaming, into Guru’s. She was being introduced not only to Love Beyond Space but also Love Without Time.
The import of Guru’s Presence, the power of His eternal moment on Earth, are still too enormous for humans to fathom. But many devotees around the world already know they have entered the hitherto unknown new world of Maitri Dharma.

Sacred Jungle Spacetime in Halkhoriya (March, 2012)


Holy Jungle Spacetime – Maitri Puja (March 2012)
I would like a chance to express gratitude to the extraordinary people of Nepal for the most extraordinary experience of my life.

Having lived and gone to school or worked in many parts of the world, and having engaged during various periods of my life in various religious ways searching for spiritual evolution, I have found myself amongst different groups following each time rather specialised spiritual practices.

This year I decided to celebrate my 78th birthday 20 March in the presence of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha (Guruji to his devotees) in Halkhoria south of Kathmandu, since the World Peace Maitri Puja was to start the following day. This was the best present I could ever have given myself.

For in the Jungle with its tall trees and immense, majestic vines that reached skyward like giant elephant trunks intertwining with branches and with each other, everything was charged with sacral life and I became immersed in an energy I had never before known. Peace permeated every cell and every pore of my body, and my heart melded and merged easily into the surroundings, losing itself. Miraculously, it was here that I found the fellows I had been waiting for, now, for about sixty years. The congregation in this jungle, again international and devout, differed from all other spiritual groups I had ever known in that most of them, like myself, had not much sense of boundaries or divisiveness, incredulous and overjoyed, I fell into their midst like fish finding water after having gasped for air all its life.

During the Maitriya Puja for World Peace, Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha would preside over our meditations and prayers each morning and cast a gentle orb of peace and loving kindness over the entire spacetime. We were each one of us transformed.

“Falling in Love” is understating it. We became drenched, soaked to over­flowing with love and inexpressible gratitude for Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, for each other, for the trees, for the sound of the winds, the air, for the sand and the bare foot prints there of people, dogs, tiny bugs, and elsewhere elephants, snakes, even larger beasts of prey who have stopped snatching villagers’ chickens since He moved in… Everything there is ever so very much alive – and yet at the same time so indulgently still, that one sensed a pervasive awareness everywhere. It was as if not only we became aware of each other as part of ourselves, but also that we were accepted and embraced by the giant trees, the hoary vines, by the butterflies that would land on our heads or shoulders, and by the sand that warmed our feet but would never grate, all radiating awareness of Oneness, of cosmic divinity…

Movement and sudden noise came occasionally from monkeys that would throw tiny pre-ripened figs making a BOK! on the giant tarp spreads on which devotees were sitting. There were nearly fifty foreign visitors behind a hundred or so monks and in front of another hundred or so local families, and on Saturday and Sunday some five thousand devotees from nearby villages would stand in line for hours and hours to file past Guruji for His blessing, becoming part of that same grateful awareness that charged the Jungle. Not a sound was heard. Just what seemed like Cosmic Breathing.

I have experience majestic sanctity in the Vatican and in more ancient Chârtres, Notre Dames, Durham, Ely, Westminster, et al, cathedrals whose spires fairly lift one’s hair on end, so powerful the sense of divinity in those lofty spaces echoing with hymns of ages past. In the Halkhorian Jungle, miraculously, a similar sense of divinity and the sacred pervades, charging every cell of every being, trees, sand, pilgrims, butterflies, birds, in an open structure where through the leaves the heavens themselves join in and take part in the celebrations. Here I first experienced Unity through the energy that charged everything linking us all, trees, winds, bugs, flutterings of wings, hearts, smiles and tears in the palpable silence of overflowing love, joy and gratitude.

Here I met psychics and clairvoyants as well as many Crystal Children from different countries, amazingly they agree to the unusual nature of our present Phenomenon. The latter, mostly around 20-26 in age, have no sense of boundary, none of the stereotypical gender traits; often streaming with tears stirring from the heart, seeing beauty in everything. They are soft and inclusive with loving acceptance of their situation whatever it be, an innate receptivity that is alien to most other human adults I have known. Some speak of their distant homes where flowers are the size of humans and who ceaselessly exude love and compassion, in what I imagine to be the veritable Maitri Spirit. No wonder these children have been drawn to Guruji, like mushrooms after a cleansing rain. One angelic child from Lithuania gazed at me with large, green transparent eyes, seeing into the depths of my soul; she took my face in both her hands, touching my forehead to hers and closing her eyes, spontaneously sang a very soft but lilting prayer to the universe, I believe to soothe my enlarged and fibrous heart. A devotee from France who has had visions of past and future and who has been atoning for the French Revolution in devout penance for over twenty years, began in recent years to see herself by the side of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, long before she’d even known of Buddha Boy. This very much startled her pious Roman Catholic heart. Confused, she fled to Church for refuge, praying fervently for guidance and clarification, whereupon she received the strongest assurance from Jesus Himself that yes, indeed, This was the Savior of Our Age.

“Buddha Boy” is unlike any previous Guru, Saint, Bodhisattva or Buddha. His manifestation among us is not that of a single Buddha. For behind Guruji’s seated physical body, a devotee from Israel gifted since birth with multi-dimensional sight, saw what she’d never seen before: standing row upon row a consortium of all Buddhas and Saints Past and Future including Jesus, Maitriya, and Babaji, among countless others. They were there, present all six days and in countless numbers, to celebrate the major Maitri Puja for World Peace, and to invest Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha with unprecedented authority, and on a cosmic order.

The shift in universal consciousness has begun, and is accelerating. Our Planet is evolving at an increasing pace. Now all sentient beings have a chance to become upgraded as it were, not only in themselves but, reaching out in loving compassion, to help lift up Earth herself into her next evolutionary form. Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha is not here to lead a religious Sect – but to awaken the whole Planet enfolding all religions, denominations and spiritual seekers in Maitriya Meditation of loving compassion, together to live the GuruMarga Path to liberation. With no special practice, but in total trust, we release the deepest respect from our heart and loving compassion for all sentience seen and unseen, so that humanity along with all sentient beings, animals and plants, daemons and spirits in limbo and in all realms may be released from confusion, pain and suffering.

There is not the least doubt among this strange assortment of devotees about what is happening right now before us, amongst us, to us and amazingly within each of us. There is overflowing joy of recognition in each other of ourselves, to the point that taking leave of one another we jointly left our collective roots in the sacred Jungle of Halkhoria.

We hugged and held each other, each forgetting our self, and in the gentle breeze we swayed a sweet eternity as the morning shadows retreated. Beneath our feet long roots were becoming knitted into one deep and far-reaching web, to blossom and to uplift our energy sphere onto the long awaited Golden Age.

Sarva Maitri Mangalam Astu: Tathastu (May all beings be loving and peaceful. So be it.)

~ Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha (March 21, 2012)