Maatma Marga Gurus Welcomed in Kathmandu

More than hundred new Maatma Marga Gurus arrived in Kathmandhu after completing their five-week intensive training under Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru at the Maitri Dharma Centre in Badegaun, Sindupalchowk last spring. The streets in Kathmandu were lined with well-wishers cheering their achievement. Offering khatas, water and biscuits, families, friends and devotees were on hand to express their shining joy now that Maitribhav has been launched in these embodied gurus who will uplift and transform towns and villages throughout Nepal, practicing and teaching compassionate love and Maitri Peace.

One thought on “Maatma Marga Gurus Welcomed in Kathmandu

  1. Dear Joan,
    I’m very insipred by Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, want to devote life to learn from Guru. I also very admire you already following the Guru. I’ve checked several websites (e.g.,, and social groups, but get little clue on how to meet Guru and become a dedicated student and disciple. May you pls advise how to find and join Guru’s disciples? thanks advance!

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